May Show & Sale

Dear friends and patrons,

I will be participating in the Lake Hodges Artist Show and Sale, Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1, here in Del Dios. This is a group show featuring artists working with silk, wood, pottery and silver, along with our hosts Jean and Jeff Appleby. The location is worth the trip alone.

Please stop by on either day, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at 9814 Carson Place, Escondido. Please tell your friends or just bring them along. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Be well, Garry



Garden Tours

The gardens at the ranch are beautifully thriving with many of the transplanted cuttings taking off. The lush green pathways are continuously being adorned with new pieces of glass being incorporated into the landscape to add to the enjoyment of the glassranch experience. More >


Hydra Sketchbook

The Hydra still stands as a sentinel in my yard, waving it’s tendrils in the light breezes of Del Dios and Glassranch. Still looking for the perfect home for this one of a kind free standing sculpture. The piece is 11 feet tall by five feet in diameter and would adorn any formal garden space or corporate entry way or museum. More >


Private Lessons Now Offered

In the past, many people have requested that I teach some workshops or private lessons to those of you who would like to experience glassblowing first hand but are reluctant to enroll in any continuing class without at least trying this exciting medium first. You will now be able to have that experience. More >